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Title: Mothers-In-Law Do Everything Wrong (MILDEW)

      Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing.

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Chicago Tribune – “The acronym alone makes for amusing reading: M.I.L.D.E.W.  For ‘Mothers-In-Law Do Everything Wrong,’ the code word, and the book inspired by it, will bring comic relief to even the most brow-beaten bride.”

The Cincinnati Enquirer – “...the authors are using fake names because, well, they’re merciless where the mother-in-law is concerned. But also very funny.”

El Paso Times – “Their solution for getting along better with the in-laws is laughter.”

Hartford Courant – “’s all-but-guaranteed that you’ll find stories here that remind you of someone in your life.”

The Huntsville Times – “...the book includes some shining M.I.L.D.E.W. moments.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – “Now that Mother’s Day has passed, it’s safe to purchase...”

Nashville City Paper – “Mothers-in-law come with most marriages, which might explain the high divorce rate.”

Cincinnati Magazine – “[They’ve] come up with a humorous look at what they call ‘M.I.L.D.E.W. problems.”

The Dish (Southern Connecticut Newspapers)– “For a great read and a humorous gift, pick up Mothers-In-law Do Everything Wrong: M.I.L.D.E.W.  The witty book is full of real-life, hilarious stories...”

Inside Lincoln Park – “By sharing funny anecdotes and offering practical strategies for coping with this all-too-common marital challenge, these two M.I.L.D.E.W. experts have penned an insightful book...”